Bilateral International R&D Programme


  • To allow each national industry to learn strategic technologies and advanced technologies through joint international R&D
  • To allow each company to globally commercialize technologies through the development of the technologies in demand, and to secure a foothold for breaking into the global market
  • To build a technology cooperation network through joint research development between domestic industry, academics, and university, and global R&D partners.


  • To fund industry, academics, and universities for technology development as they promote joint international technology development business with excellent foreign R&D partners.


  • Governmental Contributions in 2014
    * The scale of support (budget) for each business will be decided depending on the number of projects given.
Governmental Contributions in 2014
Classification Budget(₩100 million) Budget Scale per Project Explanation
Joint International R&D(Normal) Market Development 14.61 A maximum of ₩500 million per year, for up to 3 years A national company performs a joint international R&D as a supervisor in order to develop market.
Technology Acquisition National industry, academics, and universities perform joint international R&D as a supervisor in order to acquire technologies.
Bilateral Joint Funding R&D France, Germany* 10 ₩300 million per year or so, for up to 3 years
  • Each country funds its own companies as two companies from different countries perform joint R&D.
  • France (Bpifrance), Germany (AiF), and China (the Ministry of Science and Technology) support their own companies.
China 10.5 ₩200 million per 2 years, for 2 years

Working System and Process

Working System and Process