Global Partnership Programme


  • Utilizing local networks in developed and emerging markets and encouraging strategic alliances between domestic and foreign global companies that market materials and components through partnership consultations
  • Building broad partnerships including outsourcing and also R&D (such as technology development and reliability of technology) in order to successfully match companies with common needs


  • Global Partnership (GP) consultation meeting
    - To identify foreign companies desiring GP and to arrange one-on-one business consultations
    - To provide interpretation service for participating partners (all languages available)
  • Promoting education of entry into global markets
    - To establish marketing strategies to enter markets by region, and to strengthen consulting skills and technology marketing capabilities
  • Target organizations
    - Domestic materials and components companies which try to enter the global market

[The number of companies participating in Global Partnership consultation meetings and the number of consultation in 2013 ]

The number of companies participating in Global Partnership consultation meetings and the number of consultation in 2013
Date Title Place Sector International
($ M)
6/27-28 GP China Beijing IT/Machinery/Shipbuilding 55 42 1,880 105
9/25 GP Japan Tokyo/Nagoya Automobile/Machinery 97 60 196 349
9/23-26 GP Finland/Italy Helsinki/Rome Complex materials 42 15 93
10/3-8 GP USA Chicago/Houston Automobile/Heavy equipment 31 29 118 220
10/30-31 GP KOREA Seoul The total components and materials 55 275 3,336 543
Complex materials/Electronics 11 38 70
Total 291 459 5,530 1,380

* Consultation meetings of GP Finland/Italy and GP Korea on "Complex materials/Electronics" sectors were about technology cooperation.

Working System

  • General Director : MOTIE (Technology Market Division)
  • Director in charge : KIAT
  • Host : KOTRA



※ Related regulations : Act on Special Measures for The Promotion of Specialized Enterprises, Etc. for Components and Materials

Schedule for consultation meeting

[Schedule for the 2014 GP consultation meeting]

Schedule for the 2014 GP consultation meeting
Month Title Target Sector Note
July GP Electronics 2014 in China China Parts for home appliances, heavy equipment Technology cooperation
Sep GP Japan 2014 in Tokyo Japan All sectors KPCP 2014
Sep GP USA 2014 in Chicago the US All sectors
Oct GP Korea 2014 Any country All components and materials Linked through Exhibition, Forum, etc.
Nov GP Mechanics 2014 in Europe Sweden, the Czech Republic Machine tools, automobile parts, etc. Technology cooperation

※ The above schedule can be changed depending on future conditions (additional meetings are available)