Technology Transfer and Commercialization programme


  • To build a expanded network for global technology transfer and reinforcement of business capability
  • To provide consulting support to domestic high quality companies holding technologies, assisting their entrance into foreign technology markets by establishing and operating Global Commercialization Center (GCC*) and EEN** (Europe Enterprise Network) consortiums in local areas of main foreign countries
    * GCC (Global Commercialization Center)
    ** EEN (Europe Enterprise Network)


  • To provide professional consulting that will allow domestic companies with quality technologies to enter the foreign technology market by building a global network and operating Global Commercialization Center
  • To build a network for technology transfer and commercialization in Europe and developed countries and to promote expansion of cooperation in technology commercialization while establishing EEN Korea consortiums
Types of Center
Types of Center Contents in detail
Center (GCC)
  • Target Area: China, Japan, Southeast Asia, North America, etc.
  • Support: Consulting specializing in foreign commercialization of technologies
    • Analysis of the local markets (market tendency, demand analysis, law and approval system)
    • Support of technology marketing (writing and translating a sales kit and promoting and marketing)
    • Discovering business partners (arranging and supporting remote consulting as well as reciprocal on-site consulting)
    • Supporting negotiations and contract agreements (consulting on law, tax, contract, etc.)
(EEN, Enterprise Europe Network)
  • Target Area: Europe
  • Support: Professional consulting related to technology commercialization toward Europe through EEN
    • Providing information about local demand (technology commercialization, cooperation in business, joint international research cooperation)
    • Supporting technology marketing (writing a profile, translation and promotion, marketing)
    • Discovering partners (arranging and supporting remote consulting and reciprocal on-site consulting)
    • Supporting engagement in joint international research (discovering research partners and supporting engagement in FP)
    • Supporting engagement in business events hosted by EEN (consulting meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Target organizations
    - Domestic industries, academics, and universities which try to commercialize quality technologies and technology-based products in foreign countries
    * Technologies already applied for or patented as PCT and protected in the desired foreign countries my be preferred.

Working System

  • Director : MOTIE (Technology Market Division)
  • Host : KIAT

[The Overview of designated centers]

The Overview of designated centers
Classification Area Designated Center
GCC China DG China
Japan Korea Techno-Venture Foundation
Southeast Asia LOGOS Law, LLC
North America Korea Automotive Technology Institute and University of Texas
EEN-KOREA Europe Small & medium Business Corporation
DELTATECH KOREA Ltd.(New Renewable Energy, BIO)
ED Research (ICT, Solar, LED)



※ Related regulations : Technology Innovation Business Common Management Code, Evaluation Guidelines for Technology Transfer and Commercialization