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Main functions

Strengthening linkages among branches

  • Systematically linking main funders, related organizations, Korean European engineers network, etc and strengthening the function of the R&D network hub

Gathering information and promotion

  • Providing general local information about the new announcement of The 2014 EU Framework Programme for Research and Development (Horizon2020, EUROSTARs, etc.), technology policy by European country, and cooperating organizations' trends in Europe

Supporting strategic linkages among European R&D programs

  • inking European R&D networks such as EUREKA (EUROSTARs), Horizon2020, and EEN and supporting effective and practical technology cooperation processes

Building G2G cooperation channels

  • Building regular cooperation platforms with critical organizations in order to develop intergovernmental cooperation initiatives and establish agendas

Major events


  • Facilitating technology cooperation with EUREKA members(40 European countries in total) and expanding R&D networks

Korea Innovation Day(a tentative name)

K-TAG (Korea-Technology Advisory Group) events

  • Managing expert pools of Korean European engineers, and providing Korean small and medium-sized businesses with mentoring services and cooperation


Gi-Tae Shim, head of center
Name : Gi-Tae Shim, head of center
Tel : +32-2-431-0951
E-mail :