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About Our Business

  • An online website providing general information about Global Technology Cooperation Programs for strengthen strategies and network
  • We build an online network for Global Technology Cooperation through information sharing and business connections between each national and international related organization.
  • We are providing information related to the latest technology cooperation programs in each country (including to exchange technology, information, and human resources, and to support joint R&D).


  • To establish an integrated support system including information sharing, human resources exchange, and joint R&D for greater efficiency of technology cooperation supporting systems.
  • To provide consumer-oriented "One-stop Technology Cooperation Supporting Service" for performance in the global joint technology development.

Operating System for Global Tech

Operating System for Global Tech

Function of Branches

  • To perform functions including supporting international joint R&D, providing realtime technology information, and exchanging human resources

Main Services

Information about Global Cooperation Branches

  • We provide current information about local businesses, organizations, technologies, and joint research updated by local offices in 7 GT technology cooperation branches (the US, Japan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Israel, and Germany) designated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.


  • It is an international cooperative database that allows customers to search for information of each country, company, human resources and technology related to international technology cooperation.
  • Information provided by global cooperation branches is available by an integrated search.

GT Report

  • We provide carefully selected national and international reports related to high-quality global technology cooperation including branch reports classified by technology, policy, economy, law, etc, as well as global technology cooperation materials, and technology cooperation reports from related organizations.


  • Global Cooperation Planning Team in Global Technology Cooperation Consortium in KIAT
  • Tel : 02-6009-3186 
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